Things To Know About Engine Block Heaters

In areas with bitterly cold winters, engine block heaters are often used. It can be difficult to start a cold engine and cause unnecessary wear on the engine block. These parts are easily found in every part of the country and can be bought at any auto parts store. 

Although these are not required, they can be useful in certain parts of the country.  You can also search online to hire an expert for installing the best webasto coolant heater in Calgary.

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The engine block heater is connected on one end to an AC plug and fed through the grill on the other. These heaters are designed to keep coolant warm so that it can start quickly in the morning. This will not only keep your car warm in winter but also reduces pollution. Many heaters can keep your car warm overnight.

Dipstick Heaters

The dipstick heater is installed where the dipstick would be normally. This heats the oil. This will keep the oil from becoming too thick or sluggish in cold temperatures. These are extremely effective and very affordable. These can be installed by anyone without any assistance.

Radiator Heaters

Radiator hose heaters may not be as popular as other heaters but they are still very effective. These heaters are attached to the top radiator hose and heat the coolant. These are the easiest to fit and require only a screwdriver.