Add Elegance To Stairs With Iron Balusters

Whether you're remodeling your entire staircase or simply replacing a balustrade, you'll find iron balusters that complement the style of your home. Scribble designs, geometric shapes, and other patterns add to the effect of the staircase. Others include small bends or focal points to add visual interest in a more subtle way.

Complementing the design and color of the stairs, cast-iron balusters can add an impression that unifies the overall appearance of the space. Since balusters are the most abundant element, they must be carefully selected so as not to overload or spoil the appearance.

The overall design of your staircase appears to require some kind of balusters, which will help you narrow them down while shopping. All elements of the stairs must be well integrated. If you are simply replacing a balustrade, consider the existing style and design of the staircase but replacing an entire staircase gives you more design freedom when choosing an iron baluster.

The wrought iron staircase spindle has an elegant classic look. More sophisticated scroll designs tend to look more formal. Geometric designs work best with contemporary or modern décor. Those with smaller elements can create a rustic look depending on the design.

The most popular approach to baluster design is to combine complementary balusters into a repeating pattern. This is a great way to incorporate fantastic designs without cluttering up space. For best results, no more than three different styles should be used.