An Overview On Cold Sore Treatments

Because the virus that causes canker sores cannot be eradicated from the body after infection, thrush treatment is designed to treat the symptoms of the attack, not the cause. The herpes simplex virus infects about 90 percent of the population in Australia and although not everyone gets the plague, it is a very common condition.

As long as preventive care focuses on suppressing the virus and ensuring the immune system is strong enough to prevent it from awakening from its latent state once the virus is reactivated, acting quickly is essential. As soon as you feel a tingling sensation in the affected area, you should start. You can also connect with local chemists online.

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The use of lysine in the treatment of herpes is well established and can be best digested by consuming lysine-rich foods such as red meat and dairy products; in the form of dietary supplements; or as a topical cream. Other topical treatments that may help include lemon balm, which is common in Europe as a cream but is just as effective when lemon balm tea is used, and tea tree oil.

As with other viral infections, drinking plenty of water also helps during herpes outbreaks. There are also medications available to treat herpes, although their effectiveness has been disappointing. Abreva is currently the only over-the-counter herpes drug that is FDA-approved, while Zovirax can drastically reduce the impact of outbreaks on some sufferers.

Again, although relatively expensive, they can be effective, and some people report mild but uncomfortable side effects. The impact of herpes on the lives of those affected should not be underestimated.