Black Truffle Salt A Worldly Treat For All Occasions

A black truffle, also known as a Winter White or Champagne Truffle, is a delicacy. This dark ground cover is a rich, creamy, nutty powder that is used for baking in many recipes. However, it is perhaps best known as an ingredient of candied and salted treats. It has been a staple in chocolate desserts and many recipes have called for this sweet treat. It is the stately, sugary, suave, luxurious feeling in the mouth that is so alluring.

Most of us have probably never eaten a black truffle salt except for the very expensive specialty shop products found online and in upscale gift shops. However, you can make your own at home without paying hundreds of dollars for a fancy restaurant. All you need is a food processor, a pinch of salt, a cooking spray, a food coloring agent, and baking soda. Mix all of these ingredients together and let them soak overnight. In the morning, sprinkle the mixture with some cooking spray and gently mix it into the eggs before scrambling.

Sprinkle black truffle salt over top of your baked omelet, scramble it up well, add some blueberries, and serve it with your favorite cakes or brownies. Another way to enjoy your black truffle salt is by using it in your favorite sausages. Like the classic recipe, you first roll out the sausage and then set the sausage in the black truffle salt and cook it. Many chefs have added a little flavor by carving the sausages into shapes or even rolling them around in bread dough. Add the salt right at the beginning and it will provide a salty taste that works perfectly with many different types of dishes.

As an alternative to using black truffle salt for your sausages, try using a regular table salt instead. This will also give your dishes a more natural flavor. This is a great idea for low fat, low carb, and heart healthy dishes. There are dozens of recipes for things like lasagna, potpourri, spaghetti, and even vegetable dishes. By using a standard table salt, you can still create the flavors you love, but in a healthier version that you will be able to enjoy long past the meal is over.

If you are looking for a great way to change up your classic dishes, consider spicing them up with a rich, flavorful Christmas Spice. Since many people don't associate the term "Christmas spice" with seasoning their food, this can be a great way to get people excited about the holiday season. Unlike typical salt that has a very salty taste, the new Christmas spices will provide a warm, rich flavor with a hint of sweetness. You'll be sure to have your guests coming back for more thanks to the wonderful flavor of black truffle salt.

Finally, for dessert, black truffle salt is a great addition to any number of recipes. Spices such as garlic work well in chocolate desserts, as do various cheeses. For instance, you could make a savory omelet with black truffle salt and chopped fresh herbs or serve chocolate-covered strawberries as an elegant dessert. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking with truffles, so be creative and enjoy!

Now that you've learned all about the history and uses of black truffles, you need to learn how to find high quality products. Fortunately, you have several sources right at home. First, you can purchase high quality gourmet ingredients like ganache or cocoa at your local grocery store. While these ingredients are typically quite expensive, you can still create some very delicious foods that will rival the tastiest restaurants.

But if you're on a budget, don't worry! There are plenty of inexpensive substitutes that will equal the taste and satisfaction of genuine French truffles. In fact, you may even decide to make these treats as part of your own menu. You can make candied black truffle salt sandwiches, melt chocolate truffles in mini-pans, or use them in a variety of baking recipes. With some imagination and a bit of guzzling, you'll find yourself never going back to your cheap French merchandise again!