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Perhaps you're among those who are scared to fly but haven't acknowledged it however, every moment you turn around, you're looking for excuses to not fly. It's normal to be nervous while traveling but it's not the norm to burst into a sweat and feel a sense of panic within your chest. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs when you're flying, chances are you've acquired scared of flying and it's unlikely to disappear on its own without help.

Another thing you have to be aware of when dealing with any kind of anxiety is that you can actually be suffering from this disorder at any moment and not even know that you have it. This means that you could fly for many years and then one day, you're onto a plane, and find yourself suffering from a severe amount of anxiety.

It is essential to understand that your fear is caused by extreme levels of anxiety, which you may or may not realize you are suffering from. When we experience intense, long-lasting anxiety, we experience fears and the signs of these often resemble those of panic attacks. 

This is a wise choice in the event that you are suffering from other types of anxiety. However, it also makes the search for a solution to the fear of flying difficult.