Performance Exhaust For Your BMW

The most common BMW exhaust brands are Ansa, Eberspächer (OEM), Bosal, Borla and Rogue. You'll also find clamps, flange nuts, brackets, and rail mounts. When replacing or repairing a BMW exhaust or exhaust system, you should always replace the exhaust gasket. BMW exhausts have a highly efficient free-flow design that reduces backpressure for a significant increase in performance. Along with these performance improvements, comes a deeper and distinctly different exhaust. You can also buy a BMW exhaust system via

Exhaust Power Sound Control lets you modulate the perforated baffles to match the exhaust sound exactly to your specifications. The system uses factory mounting points, which simplifies installation. They are made in Europe from the finest stainless steel and are usually backed by a lifetime warranty.

The system is designed for high performance while complying with noise and smog laws. These three requirements are usually mutually exclusive, meaning that a lot of legwork has gone into the sports exhaust. For starters, there is a choice of materials for the exhaust pipe.

You see stainless steel in quality vehicles, whereas mild steel is used in more fuel-efficient vehicles to save costs. Now the method of bringing everything together into a picture. Most BMW exhaust systems are welded, not clamped, to provide a leak-free connection.

The challenge was to make the exhaust and catalytic converter with the highest possible flow rate while still running; particularly noise reduction and appropriate exhaust gas cleaning. The BMW exhaust does a pretty good job too.