Why Monitored Security Alarm Systems Offer Better Protection?

Security alarms should always be bought from reputable security service providing companies. Security service providers offering alarm systems in Wollongong, always suggest the use of latest versions of contemporary security alarms. Monitored security alarm systems offer the best protection and vigilance. The security alarm systems at the commercial and residential complexes can be monitored by a monitoring station. You can install reliable business alarms via https://ryalex.com.au/solution/intruder-duress-alarms/.

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Monitored security alarm systems offer 24X7 protection all the year round. To avail maximum benefits from security alarm systems, they should definitely be monitored. In case of emergencies, fire, intrusions or burglaries, the security alarm systems send signals to the Monitoring Station. The Monitoring Stations can access the client's personal information such as location, personal account number etc. Immediately after receiving alert signals, security personnel are dispatched to the location that was transmitting alerts.

What Are The Various Sensor Types For Security Alarms?

  • Infrared detectors – Infrared detectors are commonly found in residential and commercial complexes. Infrared detectors work by detecting the heat energy emitted by other objects or humans. The sudden changes in temperature are captured by these sensors to detect unusual presence in vacant rooms. If there is an intruder in the room, the temperature would rise from natural room temperature and start off the alarms.
  • Photo electric beam detectors – Photo electric beam detectors detect the presence of unusual objects or intruders by constantly sending infrared light rays across the protected premises. If the beams of infrared light find obstructions on their path, the alarm system is triggered on.
  • Ultrasonic detectors – Ultrasonic detectors release ultrasonic sound waves to detect intruders and unwanted movement inside protected premises. Ultrasonic sound waves remain unheard by the human ears. The ultrasonic sound waves have a certain frequency. If there is any change in frequency due to intrusions, security alarm gets triggered on.

These are the main business securty alarm systems. You should install any one to protect your employees and company.