What’s in a Smile Makeover?

Until recently, the word "makeover" was applied to anything that required a complete change or a complete overhaul, particularly of the mechanical kind. In the old days, changing your appearance drastically wasn't referred to as a makeover and it only happened in extreme cases such as when you've been in a fire or vehicular accident that somehow altered your physical appearance more than usual.

Thankfully though, makeovers these days don't involve anything drastic although a complete change is still in order. There are specialists you go to when you want a makeover, depending on what aspect of your appearance you want to change. You might turn to a hairstylist to change your hairstyle or to a cosmetic surgeon to alter your facial features.

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Anand P, Author at Yonge Eglinton Dental

But for those who want a smile makeover, they can turn to a cosmetic dentist, rather than a regular dentist to help them change things the way no one else can.

While not really recognized as an official branch of dentistry, it cannot be denied that cosmetic dentists can improve your smile a whole lot better and in more ways than a regular dentist can.

Getting a smile makeover or a smile design, goes beyond having your choppers scraped for plaque or just going for your biannual check-up. This can also include checking how your teeth are framed by your lips or how much of your gum can be lifted to show more teeth. It can also be a simple teeth whitening depending on your case.

To properly define what a smile design is, you need to know exactly whether or not you need one. A smile design is looking at the position of your teeth and how it is framed by your lips. If you happen to show more gum than teeth when you smile, you can go to the dentist for a gum lift, or what is technically known as crown lengthening.