What Makes Dental Nurses So Important?

A well-functioning dental clinic is not only a part of the equation from a legal standpoint, but are you aware of how important they are for the dental profession?

For a smooth operation of a dental practice, it is vital to have a good working relationship between the dentist and the nurse. Dental nurses are skilled at working in partnership with dentists and hygienists. They can even anticipate their needs and provide the necessary treatment. 

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The practice and the dental nurse-

According to a 1999 article in British Dental Journal, dental nurses were "one of the most important members of the dental team." They may be advocates for patients and help the dentist during the day. The work of dental nurses is vital for a successful general practice," this still holds true today, and more so with the advent of COVID-19. 

The safe and healthy running of a dental office is dependent on the health and safety of its nurses. The role of a dental nurse is to prepare and maintain a safe and healthy environment and equipment, and implement effective infection prevention and control measures. 

A good dental nurse is a key part of any dental practice. Their multi-tasking skills and organization are unmatched. The first contact point for patients within a practice is usually the dental nurse. 

Research shows that people form opinions within the first few seconds of meeting someone. So how you greet your patients as a dentist can have an impact on their treatment and overall opinion of the practice. 

This is particularly important in post-pandemic situations where patients may not be coming to the dentist as often or are afraid of returning to practice.