Types of Sliding Door Wardrobes In Perth

Built-in wardrobes offer convenience to many households. The built-in wardrobe saves a lot of space and keeps your home from feeling cramped, no matter how small your home is. Another great feature of cabinets is that they can be completely customized to whatever design you want and need for your home. One of the things you can customize is your closet doors. You can also get more information about sliding door wardrobes from this source: Wardrobes – Nuspec Windows.

There are different types of sliding doors that you can install in your built-in wardrobe:

Sliding wardrobe doors with vinyl

Vinyl is a great material for fencing, but it also makes great closet doors. These doors are sheets of drywall covered in vinyl for a smooth, glossy look. They are combined with an aluminium frame and rails. They glide on easily as they are quite light.

Mirror sliding doors for wardrobe

If you want a dual function door — to close your closet and function as a full-size mirror — you must have mirrored sliding doors. This mirror glass panel is comfortable and safe to slide. Mirrors also create the illusion of more space in the room, making them ideal for quiet small rooms. They come with an aluminium frame or you can go frameless.

Painted sliding doors for wardrobe

If you feel limited by the colours available for plain panels and vinyl panels, you can always opt for full customization. There is also plain, untreated plasterboard that you can paint and combine with your existing walls. With these raw sheets, you can express your creative side. Also available with standard aluminium frame and rails